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37 Species of Waterfowl

Northern pintails are long, slender ducks with long, narrow wings, earning them the nickname "greyhound of the air." Pintails are named for their elongated central tail feathers, which constitute one-fourth of the drake's body length.

North America is home to a diverse range of waterfowl species, including ducks, geese, and swans. The number of waterfowl varieties in North America can vary depending on how they are classified and defined. However, according to the North American Waterfowl Management Plan (NAWMP), there are 37 species of waterfowl that are regularly found in North America.

The 37 species of waterfowl identified by NAWMP are divided into three groups: dabbling ducks, diving ducks, and sea ducks. Dabbling ducks are typically found in shallow waters and feed by tipping their heads underwater. Diving ducks and sea ducks are capable of diving to feed on underwater vegetation or prey.

To learn more about the different waterfowl species found in North America, you can visit the websites of organizations like Ducks Unlimited, the National Audubon Society, or the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. These organizations provide extensive information on the different waterfowl species, including their physical characteristics, habitat, behavior, migration patterns, and conservation status.

Additionally, state wildlife agencies often have information on the specific waterfowl species found in their region, including hunting regulations and restrictions. It is always important to check local hunting laws and regulations before embarking on a hunting trip.

Dabbling Ducks 

01. American Black Duck
02. American Wigeon
03. Blue-winged Teal
04. Cinnamon Teal
05. Eurasian Wigeon
06. Gadwall
07. Green-winged Teal
08. Mallard
09. Mottled Duck
10. Northern Pintail
11. Northern Shoveler
12. Wood Duck

Diving Ducks 

13. Barrow's Goldeneye
14. Bufflehead
15. Common Goldeneye
16. Common Merganser
17. Hooded Merganser
18. Red-breasted Merganser
19. Ring-necked Duck
20. Ruddy Duck
21. Greater Scaup
22. Lesser Scaup
23. White-winged Scoter
24. Surf Scoter
25. Black Scoter
26. Long-tailed Duck

Sea Waterfowl

27. Harlequin Duck
28. Oldsquaw
29. Black Scoter
30. White-winged Scoter
31. Surf Scoter
32. Common Eider
33. King Eider
34. Spectacled Eider
35. Steller's Eider
36. Long-tailed Duck
37. Velvet Scoter

Other Waterfowl

- American Coot 
- Ruddt Ducks 
- Swans 
- Whistling ducks  
- Black tail whistling ducks 
- Sandhill Crane 
- Tundra swan

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